Welcome on the website of the Henglesportvereniging Landsmeer-Den Ilp

We feel responsible for a healthy and diverse fish population

We are part of a fish wealth fare comity in Noord-Holland. This comity advises owners of the local owners.

We organise different matches like the zander and pike competition, youth matches and we also organize an event for the elderly.

The zander and pike competition is divided into two different kinds of matches. The general competition matchdays. The lammetjes match, which is at the start of the season. And the Snert match, which refers tot he dutch stew that is favourite in the winter.

The youth matches are held in the local water in the centre of Landsmeer. We try to have 1 match a year at least.

We also have an incentive that arises from the local schools. We organise a day for group 7 and 8 kids and introduce them to the great sport of angling.

The competition for the elderly is organised for the inhabitants of a locale care centre “De Keern” and annually reoccurring event.

If you want to angle in the Netherlands, you need the correct license. This is called the Vispas. Sportvisserij Nederland dispatches this license. The license has a credit card-sized id. If you own a license, you are allowed to angle in all registered waters that are a member of the vispas.

You can download and install the free Viswijzer app. You can find all licensed waters in this app.

If you want to become a member of our fishing club and receive the correct license, please follow this link. You will be redirected to the site of Sportvisserij Nederland. If you register on that site, you will receive the license and instantly get a temporary licence.

Our membership fee is 35,- euro’s a year. If you choose to pay your subscription the member fee is only 30 automatically,- euro’s a year.

You can find us on our Facebook page, youtube and Instagram. Reach out to us we love to hear from you.

The whole site is in Dutch. You may be able to choose your own language using Google translate.


Order online the vispas. Click here.

Read this information about the Vispas.



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